Wednesday, January 17, 2007

New Beginning

Do I see new familiar colours in my life?
Am I getting into this difficult soul and emotional grinding relationship again?
Do I still have the energy to bring out the greatness and talents in someone who will not be with me in the future to thank me for his success?
Am I happy? YES!
Do I want to go on? YES!
Do I feel guilty? :( No!
Should I feel guilty? I don’t know.
Do I have some effect on him? YES, and I enjoy it!
Where to? I don’t know.
How long? I’m not sure.
Will I be hurt when it is over? Maybe, big possibility.

I think that a great love is the one that ends at ‘the end’.
The one that does not lead to marriage.
The one that causes pain and when the two lovers cry.
This is the love that does not die. The one that might return to your memory after years and makes you smile and imagine what your life could have been like with this person.
Your stomach tickles and your heart feels warmer and you wake up from your dream by the laughs of your child and your life goes on.