Sunday, August 20, 2006

Article : Letter from Lebanon, The Proximity of Death, By BARUCHA PELLER

"The Zionists argue that Israel is defending its right to exist. Even one of the international ceasefire conditions "Israel has a right to defensive strikes..", the same condition not given to any Lebanese resistance. Israel's right to exist, to defend itself: 1056 Lebanese civilians dead. Civilians dead, in defense of Israel. Lebanese civilians must cease to exist, their bodies reduced to shreds, weightless ashes, or a collective scene of decomposition -- so that Israel can exist. Not only men, women, children, babies, grandparents - but gas, food, water, roads, communities, children's toys in their bedroom's, books, photographs, hope, electricity, art, memories, schools, playgrounds, villages, cherry trees......all in defense of Israel."

"What will people in the US do? Will they watch TV, learn about Lebanese people as correspondents stumble over the pronunciation of "Shia"?Will they listen to speeches at protests downtown, go home, and smile at their children, grateful they are not the unfortunate Lebanese? Or will they begin to participate in mass, targeted, direct action? Will they blockade ports, roads, highways? Will they shut down universities and companies invested in Israel? Will they hold CNN accountable for its incorrect, biased journalism?
Will they allow thousands to remain here so close to death?"