Saturday, November 11, 2006

Julia Botros...

عاشت جوليا المقاومه

We waited for her for 3 hours.

Every time our patience started to decline, someone came and filled us again, with hope, expectation and patience

The atmosphere was glamorous, fabulous, intoxixating.

Her brother, ZIAD, was almost running throughout the place, making sure everything was in place and running smoothly and as planned.

People gathered at the door waiting to be let in.

Men in suits and women in night dresses. Others wearing jeans and some wearing training suits.

Some had their hair done while others barely had combed it.

Strange this woman that can gather such a mixture of social classes.

It wasn't a question of the number of attendants as i believe that anyone, with good advertisement, can gather relatively acceptable number, but JULIA has her special taste.

Everything was in place. And everyone at his place. As if even the crowd had rehearsed for days. The discipline was more than expected, thanks to the security persons and thanks mainly to the people who came in to celebrate with Julia, and wanted nothing more.

WOW Julia.

She came in between the cloud of smoke, and at the clapping of the old and the shouting of the youngsters who entertained the crowed for 2 hours before Julia appeared on stage.

"من لوّث أرضي بدمائه قد رحل الآن، وفر كذليل تائه، كأي جبان،... قد هزم الآن، انتصر لبنان"

Is her new song.

She started with her new song "Lebanon Won". It was a great song dedicated to our beloved country that survived despite the wounds.

She captured the eyes, the brains, the hearts for 2 hours.

I am still captured untill today. I am still intoxicated.

I did not want to blink as i was afraid i might lose the connection with this respectful woman who was greeted by 6000 persons all stood to welcome her on stage.

Fists were punching the air, all singing with her and screaming "قاوم فيداك الاعصار" and "منرفض نحنا نموت".

She had to return to the stage 3 times before ending the show, as if she was also captured by the atmosphere and didn't want to leave.

People threw flowers at this great woman who declared her love for Lebanon over and over again.
Her discipline was very obvious everytime she tried to hide the little bit of her shoulders showing from her dress.

She made us proud we were lebanese because she was one.

JULIA BOTROS, may you live long so that more and more people would feel, as we did yesterday, the pride of belonging to the SMALL-GREAT RESISTANT LEBANON.



Unbiased Najdi said...

Hello Mira, thank you for inviting me to your blog :) .. its nice to see that Julia Botros is still giving her skillful music efforts to make worthy national songs for lebanon and all the arab nation .. to be honest not one of the lebanese or the arab artists come near to Julia's skill in music and classy songs ,, she is a class by her own ,, no one could forget 'Wain elArab wain? Wain elMalayeen' .. one of her most widespread national songs ,,

Thank you again dear for the invite,, i hope you will visit my wp site soon and i would be more than happy if you comment there ,, about anything in your mind ,, off-topic or in topic ,, good luck and god bless and god protect inshallah,, :)

SunFlower said...

Thanks Najdi for visiting and commenting. I really appreciate it.

As for Julia, she's one of a kind, a real Arab.

And as for ur site, i'm going there now.

Anonymous said...

Julia rocks!

Anonymous said...

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