Thursday, February 15, 2007

Things that disturbed me from the moment I woke up (8am) until 9:30am:
1- A strong storm that scared me to the point of not wanting to go to work.
2- Looking for my clothes, socks, shoes jacket etc, that were unnecessarily packed.
3- The pants I wanted to wear was wet.
4- That jacket I wanted to wear was not with me.
5- Hardly was I able to push my flesh inside my car because another car was blocking the door.
6- My jeans got wet in the process (refere to #5 above).
7- My hair got wet.
8- The news on the radio (in Lebanon).
9- At work: the financial auditor's curiosity and nosiness.
10-At work: the Lawyer's voice (ouffff)
11- AT work: I found out that my white shirt got black spots due to the process described above (#5)
12-On the phone: I will not be able to see my boyfriend for a few days , all due to an unintentional mistake by me. He's not upset or anything, but we just cant meet.

This is all in an hour and a half, so I guess it is going to be one of those days.....


كلمه said...

looooooooooool @ process #5
i `d da same problem on my way 2 college every morninig :D
but i don`t care even if i cut my pants when puching my flesh inside da car :))
u really made me laugh :))
nice post

SunFlower said...

i laugh now as i read the post again
but believe me, at that moment i was upset enough to want to cry.
glad i made u laugh