Wednesday, September 13, 2006


Relative to my previous post, I want to talk about happiness.
Is there a scale to measure happiness? Is it a state by itself? What are the prerequisites for happiness?
Well, I think that Happiness is relative and as such it differs from one person to another.
Some people think that their happiness lies in the area of their deprivation.
People who have no children think that a baby would certainly bring back happiness to them. Others think that when they change their job they would achieve the ultimate Happiness. Others, especially young ladies tired from their fathers’ control, wish to marry to be happy.
And so on…
However, I think that Happiness is with what we have now and not what we are deprived of and what we wish to obtain.
Happiness is now and today.
This means that we have to practice to be thankful with what we have in order to become happy today.
We need to have a certain level of acceptability to our current situation so as to be happy, but not to the extent of losing our enthusiasm for achieving long-term goals. This is because happiness is on the way and not the destination.
For example, I find that we enjoy preparing for a wedding or a party more than the celebration (of a few hours) itself. We might be preparing for weeks or even months and the celebration ends in just a few hours.

However, the difficult question is here… How can we enjoy what we have today??
I honestly don’t know.
As I grew up I practiced patience to change the things I can (until I do change them), and acceptability of the things I cannot change (until the situation changes by itself). And believe it or not, I was always thankful and happy, feeling that I have all that I want in life.
But…. Now I feel I have nothing.
A few weeks ago I was the happiest among my friends, even among those planning their weddings! ;)
I was celebrating being single all the time, feeling that I have the responsibility of myself only. No husband, no responsibility, no house work, nothing. GREAT! (At least for the time being!) I can do whatever I please, no need to think of someone else’s approval for the smallest details of my days.

I enjoyed my job so much with all its challenges. A job that many of my colleagues and friends wished they have. I always knew I was successful, but now I feel myself buried between collapsing walls.
My family is great and I always enjoyed their overprotection and accepted it as being a form of love. Now... I am choking with it.
I always enjoyed giving advices to my older friends and younger brothers. Now… I feel ashamed of having to listen to the long lectures I myself used to give.
Well…Now and NOW only.
I have to go back. I have to enjoy the mornings I am waking up to. My drive to work. My success at work. The love of my family and friends. And what tomorrow hides for me.
Some say that I’m in need for new goals and challenges to get back on track. True, but I think that first I have to be on acceptable ground with what I have today in order to have a clearer mind and to be able to focus more on the future.
I have to be Happy today in order to be Happy tomorrow. Else, I will be depressed today and at a psychotherapist’s clinic tomorrow.


my head said...

Do you honestly think & do that ?

SunFlower said...

there are so many things i talked about, which exactly r u talking about?
to make things easier, all that i said is true, as i have no reason to polish things up, no one is watching right? ! :D

Anonymous said...

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